The One Thing Nutritionists Want You To Stop Eating In 2018

Can you become healthier this new year simply by cutting out one thing from your diet? We posed the question to six leading nutritionists and received a range of interesting responses. Some of their choices are no brainers, while others are more surprising, and some highlight the importance of eliminating negative thoughts over foods. Intrigued? For some simple ways to eat, drink and think like a nutritionist in 2018, here's what they suggest you avoid.

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Crash diets and negative habits

“One thing I think people should stop in 2018 is crash dieting.

“We are learning more and more about the adverse impacts of ‘yo-yo’ diets. Drastic calorie restriction can actually switch the body into ‘survival’ mode where metabolism slows and so it’s harder to lose weight, and neurotransmitters are released that increase appetite.

“Instead of a year of food rules and restrictions, make 2018 the year of improving the nutrient quality of the diet by including all the food groups and banishing strict diets.”

– Gabriela Peacock, expert nutritionist

“This year, instead of foods, I think we should give up some of our negative habits!

“A massive no-no for me is fad, quick-fix diets. We know they don’t work in the long run, cutting out all your favourite foods is never enjoyable and they often leave us feeling worse about ourselves than we did before.

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“Instead try and focus on some healthy foods you enjoy to include in your diet. Talk positively about yourself more often and don’t punish yourself about food or exercise. Ever. That’s not what being healthy is about.”

– Charlotte Stirling-Reed, nutrition consultant

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