Party Hair Made Simple, By Hollywood’s Biggest Hairstylist Adir Abergel

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As the go-to hairstylist for Hollywood’s biggest names – from Kristen Stewart to Jessica Biel, Charlize Theron, Jennifer Garner and Anne Hathaway – Adir Abergel’s work has been a red carpet fixture for 25 years. While celebrating these women’s individuality through their hair, hesimultaneously inspires us onlookers to try new styles.

Of course, doing occasion hair on oneself isn’t the same as having a talent like Abergel do it for you, but he believes that by starting with the right foundations anything is possible. That’s why he agreed to become creative director for Virtue, innovative haircare that uses a patented protein ethically sourced from human hair. “It’s changing the way that people are now able to deal with their hair,” he tells us, explaining that he’s building styling products around the range that restores and repairs your hair. With this in mind we asked the artist for his ultimate hairstyling hacks, from product tips to styling tricks.

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Short, long, up or down; read this guide to infinitely up your hair game.

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To salon blow-dry, or not to salon blow-dry:

“Doing blow-outs that have too much product in so hair doesn’t move and is stiff doesn’t feel modern and cool. Think about 60s French girls with hair that’s touchable and like hands can run through it – that’s sexy, but stiff and not moveable feels dated. That’s why a lot of people actually want to do their own hair instead of going to a salon so it doesn’t look like you’ve had your hair ‘done’.”

Try a salon blow-dry the night before your party

“If you do want a professional blow-out, it almost always better a day later after you’ve slept on it, and becomes a little bit deconstructed – without having to use product to get to that point. So for an occasion try visiting the salon the night before.”

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If you DIY your blow-dry, let it mostly air dry first

“Use paper towels on your hair when it’s wet which will remove so much more moisture than a regular or microfibre towel. Then I believe you should let your hair dry about 80 to 90 per cent before putting heat on it. If you have a fringe always dry that first while it’s still wet, twist your damp hair up into a knot while it dries and then do your blow-dry if you’re going to do that.”

How to refresh your blow-dry after work

“I got a great hack recently when I styled Faye Dunaway for the new Gucci campaign: She said ‘Adir, when you go to refresh my hair, use an Evian mister [the Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray] on the sections of my hair and then use a round brush with the blow-dryer’ – to give the hair back the moisture. Because if you re-blow-dry dry hair it will just take out more moisture, so this gives you back shine, bounce and volume. It’s a great tip to refresh your blow-dry after work.”

Simple styling tricks:

Be mindful about when you wash it

“If you’re styling your hair at home it will be easier on day-old washed hair because it gives you a little more grip; sometimes if it’s too clean it’s slippery so it won’t hold. But for hairdressers giving you a certain style I think it’s much better that they wash it, because they can get more integrity out of the shine and texture.”

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