The 18 Best Hair Growth Vitamins for Longer, Stronger Hair

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Best Hair Growth Supplement For New Moms



Pros: OBGYN-developed

Here’s another version of Nutrafol that’s made with new mothers in mind. It aims to target the direct causes of postpartum hair thinning, including physical and emotional stress, hormonal changes, and lack of nutrients, to help hair grow back fuller over time. As a bonus, the daily supplements are also safe for breastfeeding.

“Nutrafol is excellent because it is clinically proven to support hair growth by targeting five root causes of hair loss including hormones, stress, environment, metabolism, and nutrition,” says Ednan Sheikh, certified aesthetics, hair transplant, and restoration treatment physician at Eternal Hair and Esthetics. “It reduces oxidative stress which contributes to hair loss, as well as levels of cortisol, the primary stress hormone whose presence causes hair follicles to rest rather than grow.”

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