The 5 Women Taking Over the Malaysian Beauty Industry

It’s Women’s Day every day with 5 of these strong women behind the thriving beauty industry in Malaysia, making a name for themselves and leaving a legacy behind for young girls everywhere to follow suit. BAZAAR talks exclusively to the 5 Malaysian women that are taking the Malaysian beauty industry by storm, and how their presence is making a notable impact in Women Empowerment through their mutual love for beauty.

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Dahlia Nadirah

Inspired by a trip to the Big Apple in 2015, Dahlia dove into the World of cosmetics with her brother, who’s now her business partner, in what is now known as one of Malaysia’s most thriving beauty company, SO.LEK Cosmetics. Stocked with weightless liquid lipsticks, eyeliners and cushion foundations, this beauty brand has now ventured into Muslim-friendly breathable nail polishes for the mass Malaysian crowd. For many reasons, Dahlia wants to take her powerful platform in today’s digital age to the next level. She believes that makeup has allowed women to empower each other by being the common denominator, and allowing friendships to blossom on social media for one sole purpose: their mutual love for makeup. “My proud moment in this industry is being able to reach out to so many of our sisters out there by selling affordable makeup for everyone,” she explains. Despite admitting to some disadvantages as a woman in a thriving industry, she doesn’t give in that easily. “Being able to multitask is very important, and having my brother as my business partner helps, too,” she says, “you need to also practice calmness and have a certain level of maturity to thrive in this industry”. Having a support system that’s close to home is crucial in Dahlia’s becoming the co-founder of SO.LEK Cosmetics, with her own mother being a businesswoman herself. “She’s a superwoman, really! As a businesswoman, she’s so ethical. I admire all her qualities as a woman.”

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