The 5 Women Taking Over the Malaysian Beauty Industry

It's Women's Day every day with 5 of these strong women behind the thriving beauty industry in Malaysia, making a name for themselves and leaving a legacy behind for young girls everywhere to follow suit. BAZAAR talks exclusively to the 5 Malaysian women that are taking the Malaysian beauty industry by storm, and how their presence is making a notable impact in Women Empowerment through their mutual love for beauty.

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Ferra Rossa


Overachiever is an understated description for Ferra Rossa, who juggles her time as a make-up artist, mother, businesswoman and social entrepreneur. “Finding time to take care of yourself is the most challenging thing about being a woman in this thriving industry,” Ferra says, “As a mother, wife, business mentor and makeup artist, I wear many hats every minute of the day, and it’s so easy to get lost in the midst of everything!”. But when the going gets tough, Ferra goes tougher. Remembering the times when beauty was solely defined by what we saw in magazines, beauty has been able to break boundaries in the past few years to be more inclusive and conventional. “Makeup has elevated women to become more experimental and confident, all while defying odds to create their own idea of beauty”, she says. Ferra built her brand as a result of unwavering love for makeup, and her devotion brought her to South Korea to put together her dream eyeshadow formulation that took almost 2 years to perfect. “I love how we no longer think of makeup as merely an aesthetic tool, but as something so powerful, that it could make us feel differently about ourselves.”

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