The 7 Best Exfoliators for Maskne-free Skin


Now, we're not saying that these exfoliators will be the cure-all for your maskne woes, but they will surely help! Clogged and suffocated pores will be a thing of the past with these gentle but powerful exfoliants. Quickly ridding skin of unwanted debri and dead skin cells, expect luminous and glowing skin after each use.


Depending on which you prefer—whether chemical or physical—either will do the trick to make sure any congestion caused by protective masks, make-up and daily activities don't linger too long on the skin to cause any sort of blockages. Here, we share our favourite exfoliators that we have on heavy rotation for those nights where our skin needs that extra boost of cleansing and exfoliating.

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Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta® Universal Daily Peel


This timesaver of an exfoliant is perfect for those who are short for time and want a quick solution for exfoliating. The Universal Daily Peel is a simple two-step treatment in wipe form. Step one is packed with rejuvenating, powerful yet gentle exfoliating acids, then you move on to step two which delivers anti-ageing actives to nourish your skin and keep it balanced to reveal glowing, radiant skin.

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