The Best Vitamin C Serums of All Time

Your routine isn't complete without one of these serums.



Cleansing and moisturizing might be the backbone of any good skincare routine—but a great one begins with the application of a vitamin C serum. The ultra-popular antioxidant protects skin from UV damage, stimulates collagen production, and lifts away dark spots, revealing glowy, bright skin. Vitamin C derivatives in skincare can be notoriously finicky, and not just any ordinary serum will deliver the kind of results you're after. The 13 serums ahead are the best of the best, with formulas beloved my dermatologists, skincare experts, and beauty editors alike. Ahead, pick your new favorite vitamin C serum to apply each and every morning.

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Glow Recipe Pineapple-C Brightening Serum

This serum has the best possible blend of ingredients to deliver your glowiest skin ever. Pure pineapple juice— a natural source of vitamin C— is combined with exfoliating AHAs and bromelain enzymes to retexturize dull and spotty skin. It’s non-irritating, though, thanks to the chamomile and skin-plumping hyaluronic acid.

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