The Co-founder of Lax. Retreat on Life in Lockdown

Lax Retreat

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Earlier this year, more specifically in March, we saw the birth of a new kind of beauty and wellness experience in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Named Lax. Retreat and located at The Linc KL, the spa boasts a serene open concept in a beautiful colour palette of terracotta, white and mint, combined with luxurious touches that really make a difference. Sheer white curtains separate each service area – from the manicure bar to the pedicure section and the lounge – while custom massage day beds with rattan bases take up space in the middle of the spa, further elevating the ‘retreat’ appeal of the place.

Within a few weeks of its launch, Lax. Retreat quickly became the go-to pampering spot after several TikTok videos of it went viral. While the aesthetics of the spa is unlike any other wellness spa we’ve seen here, what really takes it up a notch is the level of personalisation. From choosing the combination of oils and scrubs and customising your own face, body or nail treatments, to picking the soundtrack of your massage and brightness of the room, you’re able to comfortably steer the direction of your pampering experience while being guided by real beauty experts.

However, the continuous lockdowns imposed by the government have bruised beauty services businesses such as salons and spas, hindering their ability to operate and putting them in a state of limbo. Here, we talk to Lax. Retreat’s co-founder, Mardhiah Latiff about the business, navigating through these extremely tough times and how to better pamper yourself at home. 

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Image courtesy of Lax Retreat

What’s different about how you do things at Lax. Retreat? 

“Lax. Retreat is the first immersive modern self-care experience in Malaysia. We are on a mission to modernise the conventional beauty services industry in the same way that direct-to-consumer brands are disrupting the customer experience and expectations in the retail industry. We are most proud of our digital-first approach and our growing community online and offline.”

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