It Turns Out the Key to Karlie Kloss’ Perfect Skin is an Ice Bucket

The secret to getting Victoria’s Secret Angel-worthy skin does not begin and end with a flawless face of make-up, but rather an effective skincare regiment. Even on the morning of the show, many of the models perform a quick, but thorough, mini facial on themselves before they head to set. Karlie Kloss gave her fans a sneak-peak into how she prepares her skin before the catwalk with the help of facialist and skincare expert, Georgia Louise. And the first step certainly isn’t for the light hearted.

Kloss begins by sticking her face into a bucket of ice and cupping the ice water onto her face for twenty seconds. Although it seems almost torturous, this first step is super effective and instantly helps to tighten and brighten Kloss’ skin of a morning.

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Following her facial ice plunge, the model actually skips using a cleanser altogether and goes on to use a cream mask instead. Before applying it to her face, Louise advises the model to warm the product in the palms of her hands first, and then massage it into her skin.

Even if you’re running out the door in the morning, the facialist insists on you using a mask on your face over a cleanser. “It’s more effective, there are more properties. It’s going to really push in all the active ingredients,” said Louise.


Louise also gives Kloss some great tips on how to reduce skin puffiness immediately after waking up, and we are all ears. While your mask is still on, make sure you still have some of the product on your hands, and begin swipe the product with both hands across the forehead and in the direction of your hairline.

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Then, move down to the bridge or your nose while still swiping, which also helps to lift your cheekbones. Then to finish off, circle your thumbs around your eyes to encourage lymphatic drainage and eliminate eye bags.


Following the facial massage, Louise advises Kloss to use a serum to lightly hydrate the skin, which she gently dabs on with the tips of her fingers. This process re-energises, stimulates and awakens the skin, a method which she calls ‘Tapotement’. The final step includes the use of freezer sticks to massage the face once more, which further help to drain and de-puff the skin.

If this gives us VS Angel-worthy skin, then we’re definitely giving it a try!

From: Harper’s BAZAAR UK