BAZAAR Spa Awards 2019: Best All-In-One Wellness Programme at The Andaman, Langkawi

Best All-In-One Wellness Programme: V Botanical Spa, The Andaman, Langkawi

Private spa pavilions provide uninterrupted bliss amid natural surroundings

An Awaken blend stimulates the senses in the Chakra Balancing Massage

My time at Andaman started in an amazing pool suite amid the rainforest, where I truly experienced nature at its best. In between discovering restored coral reefs in a coral nursery and diving into a delectable seafood spread at Jala, I was also treated to a unique mix of traditional massages. The Shiro Abhyanga treatment, which focuses mainly on the head, neck, and shoulders, uses a mix of coconut oil, coconut paste, and Indian oil to improve circulation. I felt built-up tension melt away, and let myself slip into a deep slumber. The subsequent Chi Nei Tsang massage was designed for mind and body healing. In this treatment, my therapist helped to “clear” my gut for a better and clearer mind, “untying” the bad energy and releasing emotional blockages through the abdomen. We also practised how to clear your chi through sounds. To balance the mind and body, the following Malay urut using lemongrass and coconut oil ensured smooth blood flow throughout the body. Palms and thumbs were used to apply even pressure on the veins and muscle, perfect for those hooked on their devices on a daily basis. The last part of the treatment, Barut Gamat Awet Muda, is a combination of scrub and body wrap infused with powerful healing ingredients to help detoxify the skin. Coupled with the spice bath, my skin was a smoother and firmer version of itself. —Aina Syahirah

Aina Syahirah enjoying a cotton-candy sunset

Villas within landscaped gardens

I stood in the Harmony villa, where I spent a good 10 minutes attuning to the rainforest surroundings and the view of the Andaman Sea. First, the skin was prepped for dry skin brushing in circular motions, stimulating blood circulation and opening up the pores to encourage the draining of toxins in the body. The 35-minute Chi Nei Tsang treatment, where pressure is applied at the abdomen, gave insight to why certain areas of my abdomen were more prone to pain than the other spots; I made a mental note to be more conscious of my everyday habits. The Chakra Balancing Massage, the more “relaxing” part of the treatment, uses the spa’s citrusy Awaken blend, as the stimulating movements from my therapist hit the right spots, putting my body and mind to ease. Before I knew it, one and a half hours flew by, and it was time to be wrapped up in a luxurious Chocolate Truffle concoction. This was where I had the tastiest smelling nap. I woke up invigorated, buzzing with positive energy, and grateful that every aspect of my well-being was well taken cared of.— Julie Anne Kang

Julie Anne Kang strolling along the coast of the Andaman Sea

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