Your Go-To Face Mask Guide

Face masks are great additions to take your skincare routine to the next level. Since it's first introduction to the world of beauty, it has evolved into many variations and morphed itself into many forms & textures. Today, self-care regimes have never been more fun. BAZAAR rounds up the best face masks for every skin & occasion.

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To quench your skin’s thirst…

…the Huxley Secret of Sahara Mask; Oil and Extract is your best bet. The unique dual pouch design separates the essence-infused sheet mask with the prickly seed oil, an incredibly strong antioxidant ingredient signature to the Korean beauty brand. Cactus extract — generously included in the essence — mimics key properties of the plant, allowing the skin structure to store moisture for a much longer time. Tear and release the oil into the sheet mask pouch prior to application for best results, and apply for 15 minutes before bed to let the magic work into the skin throughout the night.

RM109 for a pack of 3 sheets, available exclusively on


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