Your Newest Planet-Friendly Haircare Obsession


Sustainability has been the trendiest beauty buzzword in recent years, with many brands leading the charge and claiming pioneer-status. A leader of the pack internationally was actually the brand Love, Beauty and Planet—and we’re excited that it is finally available here in Malaysia!


With their philosophy revolving around helping to make a difference towards a happier, less wasteful planet, with every shower— expect clean, vegan and water-saving hair solutions that don’t break the bank either. The brand believes that looking good and doing good should go hand-in-hand and whatever they do must be good for beauty and give a little love back to the planet as well.



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One of our favourite initiatives of theirs is that their products are packed in 100% recycled bottles—which they’ve been doing way before it was cool. If you’ve ever wondered why their bottles aren’t completely clear, it’s because they’re made with post-consumer recycled plastic that sometimes give the bottle a little colour!



Putting planet first, they’ve come up with a unique solution to water wastage when showering through their innovative fast-rinse technology. Their rich conditioners don’t just rehydrate and replenish your hair, but also help to save water!  They’ve cleverly formulated their conditioners to break down faster when it comes in contact with water, so you won’t be needing to stay underneath the tap as long as you’re used to. Whilst they’ve cracked this technology on conditioners, the shampoo fast-rinse formula is still a work in progress, but something we’re expected to see soon!

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On offer are four different types of shampoos and conditioners—all serving a different hair type and need. Coconut Water & Mimosa Flower helps rejuvenate fine hair for a head-turning look full of bounce and vitality, Muru Muru Butter & Rose keep colored hair vibrant and shiny, Tea Tree Oil and Vetiver revitalizes and refreshes lackluster hair, and finally Argan Oil & Lavender which helps to help smooth and tame frizzy hair.


Currently, Love, Beauty and Planet is available at Watsons both online and in-store!