The Best It-Girl Bridesmaids On Instagram


Bridesmaids dresses have a reputation for being, dare we say, not so chic. Being asked to be in someone's bridal party is soon followed up by the deep-seated fear that you may be asked to wear something you'd rather not. Celebrities are just like us, and they too play the role of bridesmaid now and again to their childhood or fellow superstars. To satisfy your sartorial appetite for ultra chic bridesmaid dresses, we've rounded up 16 of the most well-dressed it-girl bridesmaids on Instagram; use them as your bridesmaids blueprint, or as fashion inspiration for your social calendar.

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Rihanna is boundary-pushing no matter what she wears, but at her bestie’s wedding, the superstar coupled a lilac look with bold purple lipstick and red hair. Turns out, you can stay true to your personal style, even when you are part of a loved one’s bridal party.

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