Gifting Services That Take Your Valentine’s Day Up A Notch

Gifting Services That Take Your Valentine’s Day Up A Notch

These affordable and awesome gifts are made greatly for a perfect Valentine’s celebration.

Affordable and romantic? That is as good as an argument as far as we are concerned. Here, BAZAAR rounded up seven exquisite, thoughtful and fun gifts that will do the trick, from an organic skincare product that contains only “skin-loving” ingredients to a set of travel-friendly gift box.

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What could be the most precious way to live life, if not to come closer to nature with a splash of fun?

To ring in the Valentine’s season nice and fresh, Wunderbath offers you a delightful gifting experience with these bath and cosmetic products that are simply elegant, quirky, and most importantly, vegan, as well as free of paraben and sulfate.


Pout For Days Lip Stain Set: Mary Jane Lip Stain, Elektra Lip Stain, Rogue Lip Stain, Wunderwoman Lip Stain, Tinkerbell Lip Stain, Rose by Sazzy Falak Lip Stain, Peppermint Lip Balm


Hey Dearest Gift Set:
La Vie En Rose Soap Bouquet, Youth Potion Wunderspray, Hey Dearest Greeting Card


The Joy Fairy Essential Oil Mist


Rose Potion Gift Set:
Youth Potion Body Butter, Youth Potion Face & Body Spray, Rose Stalk Bouquet Soap, Hey Dearest Greeting Card


Love Letter Bath Bomb

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