15 Pink Ribbons By 15 Malaysian Designers For BAZAAR Pink Project 2018

BAZAAR's signature campaign collaborates with 15 Malaysian designers this year, and continues to empower women with awareness, love, and care.

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Aina Syahirah and Julie Anne Kang of Kulet

How have you been touched by an act of kindness?

Aina: I’m surrounded by people with a heart of gold, whether could be a sibling who listens, or a friend who remembers the important details in my life. I cherish the small things!

Is breast cancer awareness something you hold close to your heart?

Aina: When I was 16 years old, my good friend lose her mother to breast cancer. However, these experiences don’t define a person, and I’m really proud to witness the strength it has given my friend.

Why did you go the unconventional way with making synthetic leather the material of choice?

Julie Anne Kang: We wanted the Kulet pink ribbon to reflect us – timeless and understated. The animal-friendly option is in line with our support for the “compassion in fashion” movement. While the soft pink shade is subtle, we believe it still reflects the great strength and resilience of those affected by breast cancer.

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