15 Pink Ribbons By 15 Malaysian Designers For BAZAAR Pink Project 2018

BAZAAR's signature campaign collaborates with 15 Malaysian designers this year, and continues to empower women with awareness, love, and care.

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Melinda Looi

“Wear it like a man, but fight like a girl!” – Melinda Looi

What’s so important about giving back to the community?  

My parents often brought me to underprivileged homes when I was young. I want to be able to share my love to the less fortunate. Since I’ve become a mother, I think it’s even more important to extend kindness to others, especially children. This is why I organised the Charity For Children circus.

What is the significance of the Melinda Looi ribbon for Pink Project 2018?

It stems from my obsession with bowties. I love wearing and collecting bowties as it is something quite unisex. Whenever I put one on, I feel proper, strong and independent. In today’s society, feminism is equality. The double knots represent double strength.

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