25 Mid-Priced Designer Brands that Fashion Editors are Obsessed With

These are the contemporary labels to have on your radar.

Words by Amy De Klerk

Mid-Priced Designer

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A few decades ago, us shoppers tended to fit into two clear categories: those who bought on the high street and those who filled their wardrobes with designer products. However, due to a number of factors (including social media, influencers and a heightened understanding of sustainability), the industry has changed in a big way over the past few years – and with this has come a rise in the number of contemporary labels, which fit somewhere between the affordable and luxury camps.

So, if you are someone looking to move away from the high street, but not able to spend at the top end of the designer spectrum, then you are in luck because there have never been more or better mid-priced luxury labels.

Below, we round up 25 of them, all of which are loved by fashion editors the world over.

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The eponymous line from Noughties style icon Alexa Chung is a great name to know if you want to inject some understated glamour into your wardrobe. The brand – which launched in the summer of 2017 – mixes vintage inspiration with London cool, which is exactly what you would expect from the star.

We go there for: Cool, colourful knitwear, ladylike dresses and suits.


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