Andrew Tan Opens Up About Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2023

KLFW 2023

With a new level of experience, engagement, and excitement, Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week (KLFW) 2023 is ready for its comeback. Kicking off on 21 August, KLFW will be showcasing 50 designers and brands across 7 days at 7 different locations.

“Since our inception back in 2013, we have been fortunate to achieve critical mass and widespread visibility, in no small part due to the unwavering support of designers, sponsors, partners and of course the Malaysian fashion-savvy community,” said Andrew Tan, Founder of KL Fashion Week. He added: “For KLFW 2023, our vision is to cut through the static and noise to ensure that the focus remains back to the designs, the creativity, and the urge to push fashion forward.”

We recently chatted with Andrew Tan about what we can expect from this year’s fashion show and the future of fashion.

KLFW 2023

In conversation with Andrew Tan:

Can you describe KL Fashion Week in 3 words? 

Homegrown, collaborative, and innovative.

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What can we expect from KLFW 2023?

In the past decade, KLFW has grown to be a sensationalised and highly celebrated event. And, while we are grateful for the constant response and support, I wanted to bring the focus back to the designs, the creativity, and the urge to push fashion forward. 

This year, attendees will be offered a whole new level of experience, engagement, and excitement as we change schedules, runways, and show spaces daily. We want this new format to deliver a heightened level of intimacy in the way fashion shows are consumed and be more experiential and meaningful to the designers and their guests. 

In addition to the local fashion powerhouses, we will be bringing in new designers on the roster and re-introducing some familiar faces as they return from their hiatus.

Why do you think KFLW works and what is the purpose of it all? 

Over the years, KLFW remains the leading platform for homegrown fashion. I believe this is driven by our strong values and intentions towards growing and celebrating our local creatives. Our purpose remains the same — it is to provide our emerging young designers and renowned designers the opportunity to be recognised. 

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We have gathered what I would consider previously saturated support for different major designers and labels into one space where like-minded, fashion-forward individuals and figures can connect and be inspired by their established favourites. It’s also a great way for people to discover some up-and-coming designers. Show schedules are tastefully curated with an element of exclusivity and keep the industry on their toes year-on-year to bring their A-game to the runways.  

What is your favourite part about fashion week? 

Seeing designs that are beautiful, unexpected, and carry a spark of brilliance as well as ingenuity on the runway.

What is the future of the fashion show and what do you think will be the purpose of fashion in the next decade? 

The future of fashion will be exactly like the history of fashion. It will reflect the social and environmental state we will be living in. The purpose of fashion is slightly different — with massive consumerism, I believe that high-quality clothes will be back in fashion as more people understand sustainability in fashion. 

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Another trend that I can see coming is more hi-tech, experimental textiles with unique shapes yet functional designs will be something to observe.

What changes do you hope to see in the fashion industry?

I hope to see more and more shoppers find a few Malaysian designers that they can call their ‘go-to’ designers for different occasions. Malaysian designers are so diverse — from streetwear to urban to deconstruction and occasional — that everything can be customised to each person’s style, shape, and size. Not to mention, it is also much more sustainable to invest in key pieces that are well-made and a true reflection of the wearer! 

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