Clare Waight Keller Designed Uniqlo’s Newest Label


It’s a new era for Meghan Markle’s wedding dress designer

British fashion designer, Clare Waight Keller marked a new chapter in her career by collaborating with global apparel retailer, Uniqlo with a collection titled Uniqlo: C. Uniqlo is a women’s collection that echoes fluid designs, uses of colours and modern silhouettes. Known for her role as Creative Director at some of the world’s best-known luxury brands in London and Paris, there’s no doubt that her latest collaboration will be chic.

“I am honoured to have been asked to create a new label for UNIQLO. I have long appreciated its LifeWear design philosophy of technical innovation and functional authenticity. I have always admired the Japanese aesthetic of subtlety, simplicity and detailed perfection, so to be able to work with the UNIQLO team to craft a new sensibility for my womenswear collection on such a global scale is a truly exciting opportunity,” said Keller. 

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As the release date is just around the corner, BAZAAR chatted with Keller on her new venture


Interview with Claire Waight Keller:

What is UNIQLO: C?

UNIQLO: C’s first collection encapsulates the energy and sophistication of the modern woman who is always in motion.

What does the “C” in UNIQLO: C stand for? 

The name UNIQLO: C was selected to reflect the many elements throughout the collection that are inspired by the letter C: Curiosity, Conversation, City, Clarity, Connection and Creativity as well as my name, Clare.

Tell us a little bit about the collection. 

For my first collection, I brought effortless sophistication to the high-quality daily essentials of LifeWear. I created a core wardrobe of chic essentials for the modern woman that moves easily from the city to the country and beyond — chic, versatile pieces made for the energy of modern life. 

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The timeless pieces in the collection are reimagined with both oversized and fluid silhouettes in modern fabrics for an elevated everyday.

What items can we expect from the collection?

On the roster include the classic trench coat redefined in a four-season gabardine twill. Soft lustre satin in rich autumn tones is heat-pressed to create the perfect knife-pleated maxi skirt, while Uniqlo’s iconic round mini shoulder bag comes in a chic, oversized version that can transport all your items from urban life to a casual weekend in the country. The collection also sees PuffTech blousons and coats that are warm yet lightweight, and the light down is specially treated with anti-static technology for easy winter days. A variety of appealing shoes are also available to complete the style.

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The UNIQLO: C collection combines advanced techniques and sophisticated designs cultivated from Clare Waight Keller’s extensive experience, delivering comfort and functionality to fully support and align with people’s lives today. It is a collection where each piece feels tailor-made, and where the joy of wearing refined couture intersects effortlessly with the ease and comfort of familiarity. 

The collection will be available on 15 September at