Dior Introduces The New Feminist Slogan T-shirt Everyone Will Want


Dior’s slogan T-shirts have become an expected part of every collection since the appointment of Maria Grazia Chuiri in 2016. For autumn/winter 2019, Karlie Kloss modelled the brand’s new-season feminist T-shirt before it even arrived on the catwalk.

This season’s slogan – “Sisterhood is powerful” – came via Robin Morgan’s seminal 1970 book of the same name. The anthology features radical feminist writings that were edited by the American poet and author. However, the book’s title was originally coined by writer Kathie Sarachild in a flier that she wrote for the keynote speech she gave for New York Radical Women’s first public action.

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Dior’s latest protest T-shirt follows the success of the ‘We should all be feminists’ T-shirt, inspired by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s famed essay. Tapping into an international feminist reawakening, the piece was worn by Rihanna, Natalie Portman and Jennifer Lawrence. The ‘Why have there been no great women artists?’ breton followed in 2017, a quote from art historian Linda Nochlin’s 1971 essay of the same title.

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For autumn/winter 2019, Dior revealed two versions of the same T-shirt, the other which read “sisterhood is global”. Although it’s not known when they’ll be available to buy, no doubt the brand’s latest slogan tees will reach cult-like status within the next coming months.

From: Harper’s BAZAAR UK