As we move away from trends, there’s never been a better time to find your personal style

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For Vitiello, who has a very distinctive personal style which is admired by her tens of thousands of followers, it was a process of trial and error to find out who she really was when it came to her wardrobe.

“This is going to sound painfully cliché but it’s in knowing myself that I know what’s going to be right for me – and I mean that not just in a physical sense, but also in understanding myself better as I get older. Sure, oversized puffer coats might dominate the outerwear trend for AW21 and be the ‘cooler’ options, but I know that tailored outerwear feels much more true to my style. Often, knowing what you feel you are not is just as useful as knowing what you feel you are. I admitted to myself a long time ago that I’m not ‘cool’ and I don’t care to be, so I leave those trends to people that they truly suit.”

Courtesy of Anna Vitiello

“My style is a combination of the things that make me feel like me,” she adds. “It is pretty much a mix of my heritage and what I want to say about myself that influences the way I dress.”

Personal style is one’s unique ability to tell the story of who they are without even speaking.

When advising others on how to determine what might work for them, Vitiello suggests starting by “having a truthful conversation with yourself”.

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