As we move away from trends, there’s never been a better time to find your personal style

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“There is so much out there to be influenced by that it can often be discombobulating. So, ask yourself what it is about a look that you like. Perhaps you love the colour but you don’t like the cut of the jacket, or perhaps you like the idea of dressing up in leisurewear, but you would need the bottoms to have a closer fit. Most importantly, try, try and try again. Have fun with it, experiment and make a few faux pas along the way – it’s the best way to figure it out.”

Vanessa Hong. Photo by Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Ultimately, great personal style is just that – figuring out what suits you and having the confidence to stick to it.

“Personal style is one’s unique ability to tell the story of who they are without even speaking,” Edmiston says, while Croysdill describes it as “a reflection of your personality and wearing what makes you feel great”.

There is nothing more stylish than authenticity.

“It’s a symbol of your character, lifestyle and creativity,” Page says. “Nurturing your own unique look that will carry you through time can be so empowering and it is always more genuine and authentic than just mirroring what somebody else is wearing.”

Being able to pinpoint what makes you feel great is all about embracing your individuality – and this is a turning point in fashion that we should be celebrating.

“The shift in the fashion and beauty industries to collectively celebrate people loving themselves, flaws and all, is starting to manifest itself within the culture of what it means to be fashionable,” says Edmiston.

If we stop feeling the pressure to conform, perhaps we might just end up with the very best wardrobes we’ve ever had. In Jago’s words: “There is nothing more stylish than authenticity.”


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