Sereni & Shentel x BAZAAR, The Mini Video Series

It’s official, the girls from Kuching are throwing confetti, streamers and glitter around BAZAAR with wild abandon. Introducing new traditions of pre-party rituals and go-to fancy dress costume ideas, the sassy ladies of Sereni and Shentel are redefining the new feminine. In collaboration with Harper’s BAZAAR Malaysia, Sereni Linggi and Shentel Lee embrace the new womanhood with an exclusive mini three-part video series presented by BAZAAR TV.

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Join BAZAAR’s fanciful fête as we kick off the #SereniandShentelxBAZAAR Digital Series with a festive-themed interview with the marvellous duo. A visual countdown of exclusive never-seen-before images from behind the lens and across the storyboards into real time moments of the cheeky pair on set.

Episode 1: “Sereni & Shentel’s Workshop – Where headband magic happens” 

Have you ever wondered what goes on in headband designers Sereni & Shentel’s office and workshop? Take a peek into their madcap world.

Watch here!

Episode 2: “Sereni & Shentel Bake A Cake”

Learn how to bake the Sereni and Shentel way! The rumours are true, the girls really do survive on glitter and confetti.

Watch here!

Episode 3: “Sereni & Shentel Styling Tips”

 The wacky headband duo share their styling tips with the world with a music video.  The question is, is the world ready for this?

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What is your signature dance move?

Sereni: I re-enact the dance finale from the movie Dirty Dancing at any opportunity. It works for any occasion and any song.

Shentel: Chubby Checkers ‘Twist’


What is your go-to fancy dress costume?

Sereni: Whatever I wear for any Sereni & Shentel event is my fancy dress costume. When I’m not representing the brand, I live in black spandex.

Shentel: Twinning with my partner in crime Sereni Linggi in matching Sereni & Shentel headbands.


What never fails to make you laugh?

Sereni: Fashion.

Shentel: Sereni and I with no makeup on.


Biggest party faux-pas?

Sereni: I mistakenly greet strangers thinking they are people I know all the time. The upside of doing that is I constantly make new friends. The struggle is real.

Shentel: Being on a diet.


What is your pre-party ritual?

Sereni: Tucking my kids into bed and reading to them.

Shentel: Stopping by KFC for a snack.


Favourite festive drink?

Sereni: Crystal clear chilled tuak.

Shentel: Bellini


Best party song?

Sereni: Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. This song never fails to spark an impromptu choir.

Shentel: Let’s Dance by David Bowie.


Instagram at the table? yes or no?

Sereni: My best moments in life are not on social media. I vote for living in the moment away from the phone.

Shentel: I’m an addict so I am going to have to say yes.


Your most overused phrase/word?

Sereni: Amazing

Shentel: Darling at work and Mate with my kids.


If you could host a cocktail party for three women – dead or alive, who and why?

Sereni: Margaret Thatcher because we share the same birthday, Iris Apfel for her eccentricity and Jackie Kennedy for her strength and elegance. It would be amazing to hear all the stories and experiences these women have to share.

Shentel: Comedian Joan Rivers for her crazy fast wit, Iris Apfel for her creative eye and incredible style and my maternal grandmother who I never really got to know because I want to know more about how she raised a family of 9 kids with no help!

Stay tuned to @harpersBAZAARmy and @sereniandshentel for the teaser premiere of the first video titled “The Workshop – Where headband magic happens”

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