Longchamp’s Latest Ambassador, Kendall Jenner on Horses, Travelling and Keeping it Real

As the face of the current generation – her 92.5 million Insta-followers can vouch for that – one can only wonder: What makes Kendall Jenner tick? From shooting Longchamp’s latest campaign with horses to reminiscing her childhood years, the supermodel gets up close and personal.

Longchamp chooses Kendall Jenner to be its new ambassador

You were recently appointed as Longchamp’s latest ambassador. Do you recall any memories of Longchamp way back when?

Yes, I remember walking into the stores as a little kid. I wanted a new bag every time.

How do you feel about working with a historic maison such as Longchamp?

I’m super excited to be working with Longchamp, especially during this time. It’s their 70th anniversary this year, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it. There are going to be some amazing events that I’m really looking forward to.

A behind-the-scenes look during the shooting of Longchamp’s new campaign in Paris

Do you consider yourself confident, even fearless? You live so candidly and appear so relaxed. This is very Longchamp. 

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I like to think of myself as confident, but we all have our good days and our bad days. Confidence is definitely something I strive for and partnering with a brand as elegant as Longchamp helps give me an added boost. Shooting the campaign made me feel pretty fearless.

Kendall is revisiting her love for horses through this campaign

Speaking of the campaign, the video saw you on the streets of Paris, from the iconic Place Vendome to the new Bibliotheque Nationale. What would your dream day in Paris be like?

Longchamp has already made it come true. Running around the streets of Paris with horses is pretty dreamy. And when we were sitting at Montmartre, with the horses and the sunrise, I thought, “Is this really happening?” It was amazing.

Tell us about your love of horses. 

I’ve been riding since I was 2 years old. I stopped about five years ago when I started to get really busy, and I missed it so much. Recently, I’ve been getting back into it and it’s actually helped my mental state a lot. It’s like my version of therapy.

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In this social media age, how do you stay grounded and authentic? 

Surrounding myself with good people is the key to staying grounded. If I find myself on my phone or on social media too often, I make a conscious effort to take a break and be in the moment.

Kendall Jenner’s office for the day offers a stunning view of the city of Paris

Are you a good multitasker? Do you like having a lot on your plate?

I’m a multitasker, for sure, but if it’s too much, I can get overwhelmed.

Do you think you are independent?

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve considered myself to be pretty independent. I always kind of did my own thing. I’m good at going to a restaurant by myself, or spending a day alone. I’m totally fine with that.

Kendall wears an all-black ensemble while running through the streets of Montmartre

In your line of work, you’re constantly travelling, and always on the go. How would you define the term ‘world citizen’?

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There’s this synergy between the ‘world citizen’ and Longchamp. To me, a world citizen is someone who wants to share more of an understanding of different cultures. With Longchamp, while the collection always has a Parisian touch, it is something that can be worn around the world, by women who support this idea.

Are you an expert at packing and jetting off at a moment’s notice?

I definitely have a routine, and I have that routine down. If it’s a very last minute trip, I know how to get all my ducks in a row. In that aspect, I’m really good at flying. I’ll call my stylist and we’ll figure it all out. I need planned outfits. If I don’t have them, that’s when I get anxious.

Looking stylish in Longchamp dress and boots, the jet-setter is always camera ready

Do you travel light or are you a heavy packer?

I usually like to keep it at one checked bag if I can, and one big carry-on like the Le Pliage bag from Longchamp. It’s a really nice travel bag. I just need a good big carry-on bag to throw all my stuff in.

What are your favourite getaway destinations?

I love anywhere with a beach! I’ve been to the Bahamas and Mexico, and I love Cannes and the south of France. I definitely need to visit more European beaches. I really want to visit Capri.