Louis Vuitton’s Cruise 2022 Show Takes Us to A Futuristic World

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Nicolas Ghesquière has mastered the art of digital presentations, transporting us once again into a world of imagination steeped in chic optimism. This season, Louis Vuitton's Cruise 2022 show was held at Axe Majeur, a monumental masterpiece on the outskirts of Paris. Situated at Cergy-Pontoise, the sculptural work of art was designed in the 1980s by late artist Dani Karavan. At 3.2 km long and comprising 12 stations that include “Ile Astronomique”, “Le Douze Colonnes”, “Le Jardin des Droits de l’Homme,” culminating in “La Passerelle”, the architectural phenomenon provided the perfect backdrop for Ghesquière's space-centric utopia.

One needs nothing more than the most beautiful of passports: creation. As ever, it is unlimited and free.

The collection started with easy-going, sporty silhouettes before transforming into military-esque, space-ready ensembles "akin to luminous 'marching bands' of joyful colour".  It was a parade of assertive and proud looks that marched in harmony towards a borderless adventure. As the models took us through the breathtaking landscape of the monumental art piece, an imaginary portal came into view—intertwined with nature, space and time. Easy elegance was of the essence (crucial for travelling, no doubt), punctuated with deep colours, intergalactic motifs and forgiving silhouettes that cocooned and shape-shifted to the rhythm of the wearer and her surroundings. Occasionally, the fluid ease that rolled through was disrupted by whimsical displays of geometric forms that sculpted, and collages of textile mashups that twinkled from afar. Notable accessories from the collection that caught our attention include the futuristic pointed-toe boots, demure sling back pumps and colourful chain strap bags that can be styled as a clutch or a shoulder bag.


View the collection below and watch Louis Vuitton's Cruise 2022 runway here.


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All images courtesy of Louis Vuitton. 


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