Malaysia’s Most Stylish Women: Datin Nurul Husna

BAZAAR’s Malaysia’s Most Stylish Women from each year return to celebrate fabulous fashion and extraordinary moments. Presenting the luminaries, from original top models to world-class journalists, architects, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and wellness gurus—in a class of their own.

Datin Nurul Husna

Chairperson of Pink Polo KL

Dress, Gucci. Heels, Datin Nurul’s own.

When Datin Nurul straps up her riding boots and gets on her saddle, she is on full athlete mode—focused, driven, and set on making the traditionally male-dominated sport of polo an even playing field. For her, polo comes from a place of passion, and stems from her love for horses. Using her skills to then make an impact in society, Datin Nurul actively seeks out philanthropic initiatives to empower women and children. “Last year, my boys and I helped design T-shirts with positive messages, and its proceeds went towards helping the plight of Syrian children. It was exciting to inspire our own children to look outside the box,” she says.

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In her role as chairperson of Pink Polo KL, her goal is to provide a platform for women from different walks of life to meet each other, while giving greater awareness to the issues that surround breast cancer. “Amazing things can happen when we stand in solidarity,” she affirms.

DATIN NURUL HUSNA, in BAZAAR December 2010 ‘Malaysia’s Most Stylish Women’: “My experimental nature agrees with what I was wearing at that time—a knitted Prada headband paired with a bustier from Louis Vuitton. Très chic!”