Shine Bright Like A Diamond With Wah Chan

Shine Bright Like A Diamond With Wah Chan

At a dazzling three-day-only event featuring precious high jewellery adorned with the most flawless diamonds.

What would life be without intricately crafted diamonds? A little less perfect, surely. Renowned Malaysian jeweller Wah Chan, known for sourcing diamonds and rare gemstones of the highest quality since 1955, best understands this. For three days only from April 19 to 21, Wah Chan will launch its exclusive Diamond Month campaign.

18-karat white gold diamond necklace and earrings, Wah Chan

A dazzling showcase of fine artistry and extraordinary craftsmanship, this much-anticipated campaign is designed to showcase more than 500 rare collector’s pieces. Classic, elegant, and sophisticated, these highly sought-after jewels will be presented for three days only at Wah Chan’s flagship showroom, making them as exclusive as they are rare.

Platinum diamond earrings with Colombian emerald, Wah Chan

Picture this: delicate drop earrings dripping with platinum diamonds and 3.21 carats of the rare Colombian emerald, 126 pear-shaped diamonds sized and shaped again and again to create a beautiful necklace loop and matching earrings, or a baguette-cut diamond ring so rare and unique in its geometric form it demands to be collected …

And collect, you will, as Wah Chan’s glistening jewels are not only delicate works of art that have been painstakingly cut in proportion to match one another, but are also designed to stand the test of time with their impeccable colour and impressive clarity. Such is the appeal of Wah Chan’s rare collector’s pieces, perfectly matched in their beauty and crafted with mastery, so that they can be passed down from one generation to another.

Here, BAZAAR shines the spotlight on the diamond must-haves set to be the stars of the show at Wah Chan’s Diamond Month campaign event:

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Platinum baguette-cut diamond ring, Wah Chan


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