BAZAAR Exclusive: Thai Star Bright Vachirawit Shines In The Burberry Holiday Edit Collection

Thai actor and singer Bright Vachirawit gets up close and personal with BAZAAR about his music, hobbies, future projects and the Burberry Holiday Edit collection. 

Interview by Koko Nichakul.
Thai actor Bright in Burberry Holiday Edit

Thai actor Bright Vachirawit models the Burberry Holiday Edit collection. Photo: John Tods

What type of music are you particularly enjoying now? 

Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of R&B and some Lo-fi. 

Are there any specific artists you love right now?

I’ve been listening to quite a few different artists recently, but I’ve had The Weeknd’s music on repeat for a while. I’ve also been listening to Two Feet and Keshi. This has been my vibe lately in terms of what I’m loving. 

Do you have any projects you’re working on right now and would like to share with your fanbase?

I’m working on a mini album and have released three songs already and will continue to release the rest soon. I just released my single, “I Think of You”, about two people who separate but still have feelings for each other. But I plan to have the rest of my album out by August, so stay tuned for when it comes out! 

Thai actor Bright in Burberry Holiday Edit

Photo: John Tods

In what ways do you portray yourself in the songs “Saturday Night” and “My Ecstasy”? How do they give us a hint into the essence of being you?

I think by now, most people know that I’m somewhat of an affectionate person. So whenever I’m in love, and in the song “My Ecstasy” especially, at times, I can be so in love that everything else sort of disappears and doesn’t seem to matter; almost as if I’m “blinded by love” and choose to really love that person (laughs). Similarly, “Saturday Night” builds off this idea of affection but shows more of my “fussy” side to love. For instance, I’ll love a person so much that I want to spend every moment with them, but time is obviously running out. And I’ll relentlessly try to find ways to spend more time with this person, such as asking if they wanna go out to eat. I’ll even go so far as to say, “Oh, you can totally go diving at my house” if they say they really enjoy diving. So it really is the idea of loving someone and being so attracted to and attached to them, which, as mentioned, leads me to be the affectionate person many people know me as (laughs). 

Thai actor Bright in Burberry Holiday Edit

Photo: John Tods

Are there any artists whose work you admire and would love to someday work with? Any artist in the world!

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I’d say The Weeknd. I’d love to work with him in producing a song and find that he has a unique style when making music. I think he’s at the forefront of the music industry and always has been. With every piece of music he has and continues to release, he comes out with something both current and equally revolutionary in style and composition. He’s always willing to create something new, and I’m confident that if I get the opportunity to work with him, the whole experience will be surreal. But of course, it would have to be a really special project for him to work with me. 

Photo: John Tods

You, yourself, have worked in various roles, from acting to singing and emceeing events. Is there anything else you’d like to try or challenge yourself that you’ve always wanted to do?

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Hmm, something new? I’ve actually always wanted to open my own restaurant—along the lines of fine dining… 

Have you always liked fine dining and the experience it brings? 

I’ve only recently come to try it and found it to be super enjoyable. There’s a charm to it all: it’s not just food being served in a fancy way. It truly is a whole experience and journey of the senses, and I’d love for others to also see what it’s like. It’s enjoyable. Honestly, it’s a form of art. 

Thai actor Bright in Burberry Holiday Edit

Photo: John Tods

Have you thought about what cuisine you’d like to serve? Anything specific?

Not really. Right now, if I get the opportunity to enjoy fine dining, I go out and try various restaurants and cuisines, so I’m just dipping my toes into the water and seeing what I like the most. I’m still pretty new to it all, but I find the whole fine dining experience to be something I’d like to perhaps pursue myself one day. 

Photo: John Tods

This year, you received the “Most Engagement Of The Year” award at the 2023 NineEntertain Awards and clearly have a strong fanbase with immense support for your work. Is there anything you’d like to say to your fanbase for always sticking by your side and in all the projects you’ve done?

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Thank you! Just a huge thank you to all the fans who’ve supported my work all along, and I’m genuinely grateful to have such a devoted group of people who care for me and what I do. I’ll continue to work hard and create new projects for you all, and I hope to continue your long-time support for many more years! If anything exciting comes along in my life, I’ll be sure to update you all and know that I’m always thinking of you. 

Thai actor Bright in Burberry Holiday Edit

Photo: John Tods

And now for the question of the day! Are there any pieces from the Burberry Holiday Edit collection that you particularly love, and if so, why and where would you wear them to?

I loved the pink jacket, and also the sandals. I really liked the bathrobe too. Actually, I’ve only recently gotten into more “home” items, and even with my own clothing brand, I want to start designing and creating more homeware items. I’ve found that more and more, fashion can be integrated into more “lifestyle” items like towels, and I’ve taken an immense liking and interest in this. 

Bright wears looks from the Burberry Holiday Edit collection throughout. Check out the Burberry Holiday Edit for men here and for women here.

Wardrobe: Burberry Holiday Edit
Photographer: John Tods
Fashion Editor: Nichakul Kitayanubhongse
Videography: Nateekarn Chanthongkhaw, Chat Chaiyakut Make-up : Phonpichit Khumngen
Hair: Thanupol Phoothepamornkul
Photographer assistant: Wanlop banchuen, Narong Tharveeyart