The 3 Malaysian Brands Championing Female Empowerment

The identity of the modern woman is boundless and incredibly nuanced. It has become imperative for contemporary fashion brands to recognise the multifaceted nature of women, adapting the perspective on traditional femininity into a more inclusive definition. BAZAAR spotlights three local brands that are pushing forward this female empowerment agenda, in the wake of International Women’s Day.

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Hani Mokhta

Photo by Hani Mokhta

Shaking up traditional bridal-wear are two sisters, Farah Hani and Tati Hani. The duo founded Hani Mokhta, a brand committed to diversity through its made-to-measure service of stunning bridal pieces. From sheer dotted sleeves to ivory wide-leg trousers for the big day, Hani Mokhta’s approach to design is as unique as her modern bride. Check out their latest bridal collection below titled ‘League of Her Own.’

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