#TheStreetReport Fashion Monologues Presents Julia Van Der Drift

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Archived in the pages of BAZAAR’s #DigitalDiary, fashion academic Julia Van Der Drift is back to swoon us with her sharp and savvy acumen for fashion on the streets. She sets her own stage to showcase her personal style and has made the world her runway. BAZAAR has curated the best of Julia’s style shots to present a mini collective of the bright-eyed, bushy-tailed millennial’s most interesting looks as she reformulates the fashion equation to her own definitive style.


Image Courtesy of Julia Van Der Drift

With the emergence of social media and the blogosphere creating an endless stratosphere of fashion personalities and thought-leaders, BAZAAR asks our token millennial on who precisely shapes her interpretation of personal style amidst the flurry of fashion one-hit wonders that roam within the dotcom generation.


Image Courtesy of Julia Van Der Drift

#1. Monica Rose

You can’t scan a fashion website, Instagram or even Snapchat without seeing Monica Rose’s work. She is the visionary woman behind the wardrobes of the most-photographed women in the world. She embodies the importance of style. She put bold and daring into the same equation and the results were of positive combustion. Her styling tips of the trade have definitely influenced me to continuously evolve my everyday style sentiment.


Image Courtesy of Julia Van Der Drift

#2. Rebecca Laurey

I had the privilege of working under the tutelage of fashion blogger Rebecca Laurey. She has been a huge inspiration as I learnt from her that it is always important to have fun when styling your outfit. Whether mastering the art of androgyny with sophistication or knowing how and what to invest in for bold statement pieces, she has mentored me across the style sphere on the trends to pick up, adapt and reimagine into my own.


Image Courtesy of Julia Van Der Drift


Image Courtesy of Julia Van Der Drift

#3. Olivia Culpo

Olivia Culpo rocks the denim on denim trend like no other. Her sexy and effortlessly cool outfits on Instagram is the just the right dose of social media eye candy.


Image Courtesy of Julia Van Der Drift

#4. Danielle Bernstein

Danielle Bernstein from WeWoreWhat is another iconoclastic social media Queen Bee, her edgy outfits always look bomb from day to night. Her style has definitely inspired me because she simply dresses for her and what she feels comfortable in. I love how she styles a simple slip dress, moody dark boots and a turtleneck – glam elements on lock down!


Image Courtesy of Julia Van Der Drift

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