What To Expect At Cartier’s Into The Wild Exhibition

Over the years, the Panthére has become Cartier’s most notable icon. Symbolising femininity, freedom, and elegance, the beloved emblem has filled the archives of the Maison across pieces including fine jewellery, watches, leather goods, eyewear, and fragrances. Since its debut in 1914, the Panthère de Cartier has captured the hearts of jewellery and fashion enthusiasts alike.

This month, Cartier unveiled an exhibition dedicated to their emblematic Panthére titled Into The Wild. The nomad installation showcases the history of the Panthére that was touted by Jeanne Toussaint, Cartier’s first female creative director, and skilled craftsman. The installation lets devotees experience an immersive journey through time to learn more about the savoir-faire of the Panthére and watch how it has reinvented itself throughout the years.

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A flurry of sketches, archival documents, photographs, and videos are displayed across the exhibition to draw in fanatics with the visionary icon. The installation drives as a platform for aficionados to educate themselves on how a Panthère is created with the help of experts, designers, sculptors, casters, jewellers, gemologists, gem cutters, polishers, and gem setters.

The exhibition also has a replica of Toussaint’s office where a portrait show is projected while the voice of actor Édouard Baer reveals the story of the Panthére creator. Aficionados can also learn more about the facets and personalities of the Panthére in one of the exhibition rooms—from its wildest form to the iconic symbol.

Into The Wild also has a hall of fame with portraits of The Duchess of Windsor, Daisy Fellowes, Maria Carla, Boscono, Chang Chen, Ella Balinska, and Black Pink’s Jisoo—a proud community and love of Panthère de Cartier. There’s no doubt that a day at this exhibition will ignite your love for history.

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The installation will be held at Atelier 3, Sentul Depot from 4–18 September 2022. Find out more about the exhibition at intothewild.cartier.my.



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All images courtesy of Cartier 

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