How The Fashion World Is Staying Woke

Louis Vuitton Cruise '19

It's official: fashion has reached peak #fitspiration, culminating at the Victoria's Secret show last November. The popularity of the thigh gap and Toblerone Tunnel--the ones that Bella, Gigi, and Kendall are blessed with--have resulted in the onslaught of gimmicky teatoxes, controversial waist trainers, and overhyped juice cleanses, while Instagram feeds are bombarded with the hashtag #BodyGoals. But in today's age of body diversity and empowerment, how is Victoria's Secret's million-dollar Fantasy Bra and the hyper-sexy image of the lingerie brand relevant to the average woman at large?

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Evening layers done right at Givenchy Cruise ’19

In complete aesthetic contrast, this season’s layered eveningwear and slouchy tailoring are smart propositions to sensuality, offering a quiet and subtle approach as opposed to just … plain obvious sex appeal. Even the King of Sex, Tom Ford, did a double take with his latest collection: “Fashion has somehow lost its way a bit, and it is easy for all of us to be swept up in trends that have lost touch with what women and men want to actually wear,” he said in an interview. Quite a statement for the man who once sent models down the runway in overexposed thong straps and pelvic bones–but a leopard can indeed change its spots. The American designer did a 180 and presented caped jersey gowns and oversized muted trench coats in lieu of his vampy glamazons. “Whatever the body type, she wants to be the best version of herself,” he continued. “It doesn’t mean she’s a size 0. It means she’s making an effort to take care of the body.”

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