How The Fashion World Is Staying Woke

Louis Vuitton Cruise ’19

It’s official: fashion has reached peak #fitspiration, culminating at the Victoria’s Secret show last November. The popularity of the thigh gap and Toblerone Tunnel–the ones that Bella, Gigi, and Kendall are blessed with–have resulted in the onslaught of gimmicky teatoxes, controversial waist trainers, and overhyped juice cleanses, while Instagram feeds are bombarded with the hashtag #BodyGoals. But in today’s age of body diversity and empowerment, how is Victoria’s Secret’s million-dollar Fantasy Bra and the hyper-sexy image of the lingerie brand relevant to the average woman at large?

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A boyish twist, Chanel ,19

The collections this Cruise ’19 have indicated how fashion has transitioned from capitalising on sex appeal to banking on reality. It’s a snowball effect from the previous season, as seen through the arresting practicality at Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Loewe, and lest you forget, Céline–yes, the emphasis on the é is intentional. Think luxurious nonchalance by way of scuba tailoring, laser-cut leather trenches, and graphic International Klein Blue shirt dresses. A far cry from the obsession with exposed briefs for Spring/Summer ’18, and an even further step away from the pelvic bone-exposing trend. If you’re having trouble imagining that, just visualise Pamela Anderson circa Baywatch, meets Mr T.

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