Coach Unveils Courage To Be Real Campaign

Featuring Coach ambassador Lil Nas X.

Coach releases a short film titled “Courage to Be Real” starring Coach ambassador Lil Nas X. Directed by Petra Colins, the film features his latest single “Star Walkin” and sends a message about authenticity and self-expression. Part of the house’s evolved Expressive Luxury positioning defined by “self-expression, inclusion, and emotional connection”, the campaign is a celebration of confidence and individuality.

“My vision for Coach has always been to create a fashion world where people feel free to express themselves as they are,” said Coach Creative Director, Stuart Vevers. “To bring this vision to life, I was thrilled to bring Lil Nas X and Petra Collins together with Coach for the first time—two artists who have changed the world around them by being themselves. The film we created together is a new form of storytelling that not only feels unexpected and different for us, it helps to create a community around the values we share with the next generation.”

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