Vibe Of The Month: Saint Kylo

Editor’s note: Vibe Of The Month (VOTM) is a brand new section we’re introducing here on Every month, we get one of our favourite artists, celebrities, or personalities to put together a playlist and tell us the story behind it. Our second feature sees funk soul artist Kyren Thomas, otherwise known by his stage name Saint Kylo, sharing music that defines who he is, both as a person and an artist.

The songs in this playlist are some that have resonated most with my existence. It is a playlist that describes to its listeners who I am, and the emotions I have and continue to experience. This is the music that shapes me as Kyren Thomas, me as Ryot Jones, me as Saint Kylo.

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It houses an eclectic mix of artists that I grew up listening to, mixed with some of today’s finest. The playlist is essentially a journey of genres that sonicises my upbringing, who I currently am, and the man as well as the musician that I want to be.

In it, you’ll hear the ups and downs. The happy and the sad. All the fun and some of the struggle.

Nevertheless, all these tunes make me want to dance, smile, cry, and let loose. Most importantly, I want to do it all with you.

In a funny sort of way, I hope this small list of aural stimuli gives you a big slice of hope and lifts up your day.

Lastly, please know that you’re always welcome to the sunshine vibes in my funky tribe.

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Peace & love,

Saint Kylo

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