YADOTSA L’espoir Raya RTW 2022

Yadotsa is all about floral motifs this Raya season.

Shine this festive season as Yadotsa leaves an unforgettable imprint on their Raya 2022 Collection. Their beautiful Raya Collection’s floral print features delicate cockscomb flowers. 


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Introducing L’espoir Raya RTW 2022, the collection experiments with vibrant colourways (violet-blue, leaf green, pink, and salmon-orange) with three distinctive floral prints symbolising boldness, celebration, and optimism in life. 

In the meantime keeping true to the brand’s floral aesthetic, the delicate floral pattern is scattered with hints of pink marigolds and splashes of violet flowers. The detailed French lace finishing in white, on the sleeves, creates an elegant charm. Some notable details throughout the collection includes slip-on tops and high-collar Baju Kurung, pleated sleeves details asymmetrical ruffles, shirred flounced sleeve, and oversized shoulder straps.

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