Audi RS Models Are The Perfect Vehicle For Your Every Day Grind

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Audi RS models are a slick beast of a machine, serving as a fine vehicle to cruise down the highway or even the daily grind to work.

Car aficionados would likely already know the name Audi – it’s a known fact that they are the bread and butter of the automobile industry. Living life in the fast lane, Audi has relentlessly upped their ante with their innovative technology, designs, and functionality. While iconic models the likes of the R8 and the TTS turn heads when passing by, Audi’s RS models are also slick, lean machines. Just like their other sultry, sleek, and powerful models, the RS has the ideal combination of style, performance, and the thrill of new possibilities just over the horizon. 

The History

Famed for its prowess, prestige, and exclusiveness, the RS models are made for everyday practicality, holding people’s fascination up until now. Rewriting history since 1994, the RS models sprung to life when the Audi RS 2 Avant launched – the pioneer of the brand’s success story. Notorious for its “RS” name, Audi makes sure the designation stands for its philosophy of grasping top performance and perfection with its cars. Known for its Quattro drive with a self-locking centre differential, the RS models have since proven themselves in motor racing and on the road.

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“Every RS model expresses the passion that we put into developing our high-performance cars,” said Oliver Hoffmann, Managing Director of Audi Sport GmbH. He adds: “For 25 years, our customers have been experiencing the RS models as masterful companions for everyday life that convey pure emotion and maximum driving enjoyment.” 

Since then, Audi started trailblazing state-of-the-art cars, meriting high recognition among car enthusiasts. In 1999, Audi launched the RS 4 Avant based on the S4 of the time with revised turbochargers, engine, and higher torque. Following its predecessor, Audi then released the second generation of the RS 4, a car that possessed numerous changes. The car saw the likes of a V8 engine with 309 kW and a gasoline direct injection engine. 

Then, 2008 embraced the arrival of the RS 6 Avant, a sports car in the form of a demure business station wagon. With a completely newly developed V10 engine with FSI direct injection, Biturbo charging, dry sump lubrication like in motorsports as well as the Quattro permanent all-wheel drive, the RS 6 Avant put itself ahead of the competition. 2013 then saw RS Q3 open up another market segment as the first compact SUV. Continuously making updates and newer designs, the brand has since added 25 RS models to the family. In 2019, six additional innovations were presented within the line, of which two are completely new RS models.

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Glancing at the RS models for the first time will not reveal the vehicle’s dynamicity, yet its sultry, sharp and masculine build shows off the car’s prowess which will be reaffirmed when you get behind the wheel. The car features a striking front face with its extraordinary turbo engines under the hood and the inevitable five-cylinder that’s accompanied by the four rings. Equipped with the innovative Dynamic Ride Control damper control system, the RS models ensure precision in driving at high speed, track stability, and ride comfort as well.  

Audi is a name that is synonymous with luxurious and speedy automobiles, so it’s no surprise that their latest addition to the lineup is a force of nature. From the RS Q8 to RS 3 and RS 5, the new machines are truly cutting-edge. 

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