The 10 Hottest Hollywood Newcomers

As awards season thrums to a deafening crescendo, we round up the up-and-coming actors to put on your radar.

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4. Vicky Krieps

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Much like Haddish, it took the Luxembourg native a good 10 years to be recognised by Hollywood. It all started with an email. Having made a name for herself in European movies such as The Chambermaid, Vicky Krieps was sent a monologue for a new script. The actress skimmed through the message, recorded her audition tape and sent it back to her agent. Krieps was so unaffected by the news that the film-maker would like to meet with her that her representation asked: “Vicky, I’m sorry, but do you know who we’re talking about?” The film-maker in question was the legendary Paul Thomas Anderson (There Will Be Blood, Boogie Nights), whom Krieps mistook for a student director. In his movie, Phantom Thread, the actress plays the muse to Daniel Day-Lewis’ designer in the intoxicating world of 1950s couture fashion in London (and also dubs the film’s French and German versions). At first, Krieps was intimidated to be sharing the screen with the three-time Academy Award winner: “I didn’t Google Daniel’s name before filming. I didn’t want to see his movies. I tried to forget everything about acting myself.” But she keeps up with the veteran star in Phantom Thread and has gained admirers for her rounded performance, in addition to international exposure.

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