12 Chinese Zodiac 2020

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1. Rat

Abundance is just a matter of perception. Instead of remaining idle, try to put in some effort and begin to notice it in every aspect of your life. It has always been there. In fact, it is your birth right, but perhaps you were too busy to notice its existence due to lack of awareness.


While there’s no denying the Rat’s efforts can and will yield monetary rewards, he or she needs to be extra cautious of unwittingly overspending this year and thus wasting their hard-earned cash. Conceiving a budget plan and adhering rigidly to it will keep the Rat’s wallet comfortably plump in the year ahead.


A one-man-army mentality will do you no favours this year. This is a period where you’ll find people in both your social and corporate circle that will willingly help and empower you in your pursuits. Be approachable and a team player, and you’ll avoid the backlash of corporate politics while gaining indispensable allies.

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It will be relatively uneventful in the love department, though committed Rats should still keep the fires of their romance ablaze by whisking their partner on a relaxing getaway this year. This will keep your relationship away from the threat of complacency and utter boredom. Single Rats should instead prioritise the expansion of their social circle as this will increase their chances of finding someone that catches their eye. There’s no rush, however – whirlwind romances aren’t in the cards for you this 2020, so take it slow!


Pay extra attention to your physical and emotional wellbeing this year. The Rat has a greater chance of encountering urinary system issues this time around, but this will be of little issue if you respect nutrition, healthier living and medical check-ups when necessary.

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