12 Chinese Zodiac 2020

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2. Ox

This year, with the rise of three auspicious stars, worry will be replaced with optimism and fear will be replaced with hope. Although inauspicious stars are lined up to potentially derail you from your dreams, a positive and focus mind will ensure that the stars’ negative effects won’t cause tears to roll down your cheeks.


You’ll see many opportunities to generate wealth across various avenues, even beyond your day job. The Ox may enjoy prosperity this year, but remember to appreciate the need for rest to keep burnout and stress at bay!


Your likeability will soar this year as superior and fellow co-workers become more receptive to you this year, enabling you to achieve a harmonious working environment. Polish your communication skills and you’ll be able to expedite this process!

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The single Ox is ready to mingle and potential partners are definitely within your social orbit. Don’t play coy; be earnest and sincere about your feelings without being overbearing and your long search for love may well come to an end.


The sturdy Ox remains relatively impervious to serious illness in the coming year, though a good diet and eye for fitness will ensure that even common health concerns will hardly ever bother you this time around!

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