12 Chinese Zodiac 2020

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3. Tiger

Good luck awaits you this year in the form of travel and money-making opportunities. While it is always good to adopt an attitude of gratitude when you come across favorable situations. It is also important to remember that these lucky chances may not come your way twice!


While wealth opportunities will be aplenty if you’re receptive to travelling, suppress your urge to splurge as monetary loss is a very real threat this year. Minimising the financial damage is all about being prudent and keeping close tabs on cash outflow.


While the professional road ahead is rocky, upping your communicative prowess will go a long way to ensuring your efforts won’t go unrecognised while keeping the corporate drama coming your way to an absolute minimum!


Maintaining a positive mind and an upbeat personality will allow the Tiger to resist the side effects of their weak Peach Blossom luck in 2020. Potential partners will be charmed by the energy you inject into the atmosphere, so stay cheery and your love life could well be merry!


The Tiger is daring, but now is the time to channel that trait in ways that won’t involve any grave risk to both physical and mental wellbeing. Sticking to an effective health regime will allow the Tiger to stay fit enough to tackle 2020’s ample opportunities.

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