12 Chinese Zodiac 2020

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4. Rabbit

For better or worse, the theme of Rabbit’s forecast in the year of the Metal Rat is all about relationships. Almost all of the annual stars, both auspicious and inauspicious, touches upon your relationship aspect in one way or another. Though the current is looking to be less auspicious than the previous year, how it would actually play out depends on your decisions.


So long as you avoid any high-risk investments, the Rabbit will be hopping towards abundance throughout 2020. Remain diligent and assume an uncompromising work ethic – this will boost your already positive wealth luck and raise your chances for a well-deserved raise. Real estate investment should also be an activity on your radar this year, though it’s best to play conservative and select only low risk investments.

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The Rabbit is liable to being swept up in gossip at the workplace, though prioritising work over corporate drama will allow you to minimise the backlash of the wagging tongues. Despite the rumours surrounding you, you’ll nonetheless enjoy helping hands from colleagues throughout the year. Return the favours as they come and you’ll design a better work experience for yourself this 2020.


Single Rabbits will be jumping for joy this 2020 thanks to positive Peach Blossom luck, though you are advised to be proactive in the game of love instead of waiting for someone to sweep you off your feet. Meanwhile, committed Rabbits may want to consider tying the knot thanks to the presence of auspicious stars.


A change of lifestyle and daily routine could be wise to preserve the Rabbit’s physical and mental wellbeing. Prevention is far better than cure; the Rabbit should adhere to this maxim strongly by committing to a stricter fitness regime this 2020.

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