12 Chinese Zodiac 2020

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5. Dragon

A journey like no other is this year’s theme for the Dragon’s forecast. The way you respond to a situation and the meaning you give to each moment is what really matters as it determines how your year will unfold. There will be challenging times, but remember no matter how tough a situation may get in life, you will still have the power to turn the tides in your favor.


It is prudent to rely on those far superior to you in terms of financial management this 2020. The Dragon should be looking at investments into fixed deposits as well as better saving plans; expert advice will certainly help with such financial strategizing.


Look at the silver linings of every career-related issue that may test the Dragon’s perseverance this year. Miscommunication and backstabbing may dominate your professional life this time around, but such hardships are also an opportunity for you to discover ways you can improve your interactions with those at the workplace.

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Romantically entangled Dragons are in the clear for a progressive love life this year; there’s even the probability of resounding wedding bells should either party express their desire to tie the knot! Single Dragons aren’t quite as fortunate in the love department, though mustering the courage to convey their affections towards the one they love may lead to surprising, but favourable, outcome.


This year is one where the Dragon should refrain from any extreme physical activity. Exercise is of course never frowned upon, though you should nonetheless be mindful of overexertion as you are more prone to physical injury this year. Meanwhile, pay special attention to any potential health concerns pertaining to your waist and stomach area.

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