12 Chinese Zodiac 2020

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6. Snake

This year presents many opportunities for you to find the silver lining in every situation. Although good luck will come to you in the form of support and new relationships, the way you approach every situation will determine its final outcome. Life can be filled with so much drama due to the presence of the inauspicious stars this year, but if you choose to look at life in a more positive away, you could turn the tides in your favor.


Thankfully, there will be opportunities for the Snake to accumulate, save and spend money in a more relaxed manner compared to the previous year. Nonetheless, toughen up the security around your assets if possible, to prevent any possible loss in wealth due to theft.

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There are high chances of a promotion this year as your rapport with your superiors improve overall. Don’t be afraid to voice out what your contributions are; silence and false modesty are poor traits to get your talents noticed by those above you.


Give yourself room to breathe and collect your thoughts before you let your emotions escalate an argument. This goes for both single and committed Snakes. You may be more easily angered this year, but a heart of appreciation will go a long way towards keeping the peace between your loved one or potential partner.


Cast away your frivolous attitude towards your health this year. Don’t underestimate minor health concerns; treat them before they worsen while paying more attention towards your diet. If you are not mindful enough, you could have urinary system-related issues or foot-oriented problems, so don’t let your health take the backseat!

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