12 Chinese Zodiac 2020

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10. Rooster

While many people out there are looking for ways to find the light which represents solutions, happiness and fulfilments, they often overlook the most important part of all which is to actually become a light onto others. Serving others will be much easier for you as you will be experiencing quite a smooth year in 2020.


It’s time to diversify your options for attaining wealth. Don’t just stick to what you already know; research on various methods on how to increase your finances, then seek out professional help to pinpoint the best route toward gradually upping your bank balance.


It may not be the most smooth sailing of career journeys, but the Rooster will nonetheless encounter good opportunities, such as the possibility of enrolling in a special career development program or more company trips to improve connections both within and beyond your workplace. Be extra nice and accommodating of the people in your professional circle to keep these opportunities coming.

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If you have been reluctant to embrace the idea of online dating sites and casual dating, now is the time to reconsider.The single Rooster sees positive love luck in the year of the Metal Rat, though Mr or Mrs Right won’t simply arrive through a fortuitous encounter.Show that you’re interested in losing your single status and you will massively up the chances of reciprocation.


You may be surprised at just how much of a difference maintaining a healthy diet and eyeing your eating habits can make. It is also advised for you to embrace nature a little more than usual, since this will help you to stay energised, mentally and emotionally.

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