12 Chinese Zodiac 2020

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9. Monkey

2020 is shaping up to being the year that would truly test your resilience in life. This is a great year to learn and grow through the many challenges that may come your way. Most people take their joys and blessings for granted and start grumbling about what they do not have when they are faced with problems and troubles.


Your boost in wealth will rely a lot on the assistance of others this year, perhaps in the form of expert advice on what to invest in or how to shore up your financial security. Don’t take their help for granted though; be sure to pay it forward by helping the less fortunate and the Universe will have its way of repaying your kindness!

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It is in your best interest to find ways of showcasing your talents more prominently to garner the attention of your superiors or other figures of importance. At the same time, be extra careful about who you trust and what you say, as your newfound recognition at the workplace may invite jealousy and potential backstabbing.


It’s crucial to deepen your bond with your partner or potential romantic interest this time around. Your partner should also be your best friend, so make the effort to improve your relationship on that level as opposed to simply making romantic or sexual gestures.


While no major illnesses are expected to be of concern for the Monkey this year, it is still recommended to resist the allure of exceedingly tasty, yet extremely unhealthy and oily foods. Stress could also be an added issue this time round, though you can easily alleviate this by making exercise and meditation a prominent part of your routine.

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