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8. Goat

The essence of the infinity symbol seems to have a strong connection with you this year, where issues tend to subside and absolute truths are revealed, thanks to the five lucky stars’ ability to tune you into this year’s miracles and wonders. A smooth path ahead is definitely anticipated, but if life takes a detour, it would be best to lean more towards the positive side.


Careful financial planning is all it takes to mitigate the possibility of minor wealth loss this 2020. Beyond this, your wealth opportunities are looking very positive, though your own negativity may make you too blind to notice how fortunate you truly are. Shift your mindset and you will be rewarded accordingly.

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The first half of 2020 will be a crucial time for you to establish a foundation for your career. Suppress your impatience and don’t mindlessly jump at every career opportunity you see; some of these so-called opportunities won’t benefit you in the long run. Only commit to something outside your primary work after careful consideration!


It’s time for confessions and courtships for all love-struck Goats! Acts of love will be even more impactful, so focus on planning that sweet date or vacation – as well as any other romantic gestures – that you might have been wanting to do for your loved one or romantic interest!


Be extra careful of what you decide to ingest, especially if you are an older Billy Goat! You might want to consider having more home cooked meals instead of regularly eating out; this affords you better control of your food’s nutrition level and cleanliness!

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