5 Minutes With… Alfred Cointreau


Please share a family example of fusing liqueur and food?
My grandmother never shares her secrets, but I can tell you of a classic French dish that is a must at every Cointreau lunch or dinner. Grill a beautiful white fish, drizzle it with a splash of Cointreau, and sprinkle a pinch of sea salt. Perfect!

Dita Von Teese and Cointreau, how did that happen?
Well, it all started with the first advertising film Edouard Cointreau created in 1989. In it, Pierrot, the muse of Cointreau, is seen with a lady undressing in the background. She translates Pierrot’s dream while he is drinking Cointreau. It’s a drink created for ladies, which was very out of the norm in the 19th Century. We wanted to continue being unconventional with Dita Von Teese, as she also translates this.

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A fascinating fact about the process of creating Cointreau?
My grandfather said creating Cointreau is like the four corners at the bottom of a bottle. One represents water, the second is alcohol, third sugar, and the fourth corner is the orange, the flavour of Cointreau.