6 Christmas Films To Watch On Netflix


Planning on indulging in some serious sofa time this Christmas? We've rounded up the best festive films available to watch on Netflix this year...

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3. Blackadder’s A Christmas Carol, 1988

Strictly speaking, Blackadder‘s 1988 Christmas special is not a film, but this perfectly written 45-minute slice of comedic joy is too good to go unnoticed. Subverting the Christmas classic, a visit from the Spirit of Christmas persuades a do-good shopkeeper to try being mean for a change. He wakes up in the morning a changed man, and his newfound mean-spiritedness, unsurprisingly, leads to disaster. Its famed cast, including Rowan Atkinson, Tony Robinson, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Miranda Richardson and Jim Broadbent, offer laughter and wit in abundance.

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