Who To Watch Out For and What To Catch at Urbanscapes, Malaysia’s Celebrated Creative Arts Festival

Urbanscapes, one of the longest-running creative arts festival in Malaysia (16 years and running!) brings together local creative communities from all disciplines of music, arts, design and film. This year, the festival will be happening across all cool corners and cultural hotspots of Kuala Lumpur, in the midst of the city's vibrant energy and stunning cityscape. BAZAAR rounds up the names to know and the acts to catch for Urbanscapes 2018.

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1 Minute Japan Mapping by Saishogen

An advocate for new media interaction, Saishogen consists of four individual artists—Null, Furryhead, Syed Muhammad, and Ashraf Omar. Creating an immersive experience through motion and light, the all-new ‘Avai’ by Saishogen this year merges technology and art into one seamless performance.

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